Adam Jan Kaufmann

by Adam Jan Kaufmann, 2018

I eat pickle, drink sour old beer
for 2 zloty
in a Jeżyce gate
where dawn
is burning pink
& every cloud is perfect
she says, my zodiac sign will burn you
dawn is postulated
dawn is Gemini
my guitar,
safe in its case,
becomes the church bell
I remember jamming
with the Tokyo avantgarde
& repeated
in the cloud physique bathtub

garbage dumps burn as well, she says
in a Jeżyce gate
for 2 zloty
I could tell you your future
aurora and a new star
aurora and my hair
star and new highways
corrosive substances
of cities
no sound of
church bell
the bird falls from the balcony
dives into the pink ocean
sky, & laughs
in Japanese
with the current of blaze conspiracies

sun is arisen, she says, sun is risen
sun is zen…

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Adam Jan Kaufmann

by Adam Jan Kaufmann, 2018.

that awful
bang, the unyielding drums
of iron feet
in smog

flashlights of India in the distance
bombs over flowergraves

its stellar
bridges to utopia

parasite schemagery


time for
from a tight broken
wounded planet

Death aviates
the notorious air collusion

where’s the real one,
consumed by our leaders?

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A bit of New Polish Beat prehistory.

Well, almost prehistory, the true prehistoric treasure would be the 2004 “Heavenly Drugs” album, for which files are available upon request (just ask using the contact form if interested). We are currently on the lookout for any Adam Janicki audio material – we are missing the “Lullaby for Madeleine” EP and the “Home Recordings Volume One” album, unfortunately… the rest will be released over this YouTube channel, and on archive.org, in its time. Enjoy…

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Eviscerator Heaven 1-3 (edited by A.J. Kaufmann, 2008)

untitled.jpgHere are the free PDF files of 3 issues of a zine I ran back in 2008, called Eviscerator Heaven – a “kick-ass online journal”. Despite the laughable “design”, there is some nice poetry inside, by a variety of people who used to write the good stuff back then, and I’m sure most of them still do. Enjoy!


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7 new chapbooks!

7 new chapbooks including archival and brand new poetry from A.J. Kaufmann,

32 Poems from the Road
Earth Lyre
Exile Deutschland!
From the Banks of River Spree
Media Noche
Sci-Fi Cut-Ups
Verse of the Simple Soil

are available at

Please consider supporting independent Polish poetry and art.

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A.J. Kaufmann – “The Golden Elephant”


“From under a cavernous wig he threw irrational
looks to the bottom of a depressed town,
unreal, & very wayward, which still seemed
to ridicule anti-being, dress up in dawny desires
who was he & where was he headed
on harmonica notes thrown in suburban ponds
powered by streams of incubated office buildings
reflected in run-down soapy tenement windows
which no one wanted to renovate
& people who never needed renewal
as they comfortably settled down, low on
feathered pillows, gazing from their windows
& balconies, straight into the abyss of everyday life
delighted with the view, tangled with space
distanced by the sky”

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6 early New Polish Beat chapbooks + bonus material (A.J. Kaufmann)

New Polish Beat Archives #1
free to read, free to share


“This collection of poetry, free verse, stream of consciousness, gibberish and not so radical cut-ups contains six original New Polish Beat chapbooks published in Poland in 2009 and 2010, and related bonus material. The oldest pieces are “Venice on Fire” and “The Moon as a Talker”, written in 2008, though the roots of “Moon” reach deep into 2005 when the author spent extensive periods of time in Cracow, “writing songs and taking down notes of the night sky”. The latest chapbook included is “Cut-Up 2010”, which contains pieces perhaps read best as appendixes to Basquiat’s paintings. Those six print chapbooks were converted from original documents into this digital format, and put together for the first time as a testimony of the most ignored, radical and experimental, yet still comprehensible, current of the modern Polish poetry scene. The most “conventional” approach to writing is represented by poems from / parts of “New Architecture” and “First Text Only”, while one of the earliest flirts with cut-ups, though without actually using the technique manually or digitally, only on a subconscious level perhaps, are documented by “Venice on Fire” and “The Moon as a Talker”. The progress / current state of Kaufmann’s cut-up technique in the year 2010 is immortalized in the adequately titled “Cut-Up 2010”. “Angelic Ego Freak-Out” contains the title piece, which wasn’t edited or even corrected in any way – this “suite” is a giant stream of consciousness, and the main reason why the word “gibberish” was used in the first sentence of this text – the piece ends with the untitled “Land Your Machine”, later taken out of the context and presented as a standalone poem. “Animal Hands” was written in Berlin, back in 2008, and the chapbook originally ended with two early 2004 pieces – “Tiny Buddha” and “Eloi”, presented here without any alterations. Bonus material includes the never published “Cut-Up 2011” chapbook, also known as “Airy Reels”. Those cut-ups have a strong relation with dub and industrial going on, and its best experiencing the texts while listening to appropriate music. The last addition is “Poet Territory”, another never published New Polish Beat chapbook, which contains selected verse from Kreuzberg 2008, and early 2010 pieces written in Mr. Kaufmann’s native Poznan, Poland, including the full version of “Profession and the Ocean” and special edits prepared exclusively for this collection.”

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