A.J. Kaufmann – “The Golden Elephant”


“From under a cavernous wig he threw irrational
looks to the bottom of a depressed town,
unreal, & very wayward, which still seemed
to ridicule anti-being, dress up in dawny desires
who was he & where was he headed
on harmonica notes thrown in suburban ponds
powered by streams of incubated office buildings
reflected in run-down soapy tenement windows
which no one wanted to renovate
& people who never needed renewal
as they comfortably settled down, low on
feathered pillows, gazing from their windows
& balconies, straight into the abyss of everyday life
delighted with the view, tangled with space
distanced by the sky”


About A.J. Kaufmann

Poet, lyricist, songwriter. Founding member of Säure Adler.
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