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Poet, lyricist, songwriter. Founding member of Sauer Adler.


Originally posted on Adam Jan Kaufmann:
“Gemini” by Adam Jan Kaufmann, 2018 I eat pickle, drink sour old beer for 2 zloty in a Jeżyce gate where dawn is burning pink & every cloud is perfect she says, my zodiac…

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Originally posted on Adam Jan Kaufmann:
“Jenseitsflugmaschine” by Adam Jan Kaufmann, 2018. that awful bang, the unyielding drums of iron feet marching in smog burnt flashlights of India in the distance bombs over flowergraves life telebanking cooccupying its stellar bridges…

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A bit of New Polish Beat prehistory.

Well, almost prehistory, the true prehistoric treasure would be the 2004 “Heavenly Drugs” album, for which files are available upon request (just ask using the contact form if interested). We are currently on the lookout for any Adam Janicki audio … Continue reading

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Eviscerator Heaven 1-3 (edited by A.J. Kaufmann, 2008)

Here are the free PDF files of 3 issues of a zine I ran back in 2008, called Eviscerator Heaven – a “kick-ass online journal”. Despite the laughable “design”, there is some nice poetry inside, by a variety of people … Continue reading

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7 new chapbooks!

7 new chapbooks including archival and brand new poetry from A.J. Kaufmann, 32 Poems from the Road Earth Lyre Exile Deutschland! From the Banks of River Spree Media Noche Sci-Fi Cut-Ups and Verse of the Simple Soil are available at … Continue reading

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A.J. Kaufmann – “The Golden Elephant” “From under a cavernous wig he threw irrational looks to the bottom of a depressed town, unreal, & very wayward, which still seemed to ridicule anti-being, dress up in dawny desires who was he & where was he headed … Continue reading

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6 early New Polish Beat chapbooks + bonus material (A.J. Kaufmann)

New Polish Beat Archives #1 free to read, free to share “This collection of poetry, free verse, stream of consciousness, gibberish and not so radical cut-ups contains six original New Polish Beat chapbooks published in Poland in 2009 and … Continue reading

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